CFRC Capital Partners™ Program

CFRC Capital Partners™ is a peer-lending, microloan program of the Community Financial Resource Center (CFRC) designed to meet the credit needs of businesses in the Greater Los Angeles area since 1993. The CFRC Capital Partners™ is a comprehensive program that offers loans, business training and education, group support, and networking opportunities to self-employed business owners and entrepreneurs with limited access to working capital. Peer-lending loan programs have assisted thousands of self-employed individuals across the United States. This Program is a replication of Working Capital, which received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Micro-Enterprise Development in 1997 and 2001.

Capital Partners | How it Works

What CFRC Capital Partners™ IS and IS NOT

CFRC Capital Partners™ Program IS

  • A business training & loan program.
  • A business support and networking program.
  • For those with a clear idea of their business and know the direction in which they want to grow.
  • For those who are looking to rebuild their credit.
  • For those who are active, self-directed and willing to make a serious investment of time and resources in their business.
  • For those willing to work in a group.


CFRC Capital Partners™ Program IS NOT

  • For those with little time to invest in building their business.
  • For those interested in socializing (though many members enjoy exchanging ideas and contacts with other members).
  • A business development program for those lacking a clear idea for their business.
  • For those who do not work well with groups.

CFRC Capital Partners™ Program Requirements – You must:

  • Be in business or have a clear business idea.
  • Show two forms of government issued identification.
  • Show proof of additional source of income.
  • Show proof of 6 months residency.


 To Qualify for the Loan:

  • You must be part of a group that you either form, or join an existing one. Group’s size can be from 3 to 8 members. All loans begin at the $500 level with the potential to reach $5,000. Members who follow the program could possibly have access to $15,000 during the course of two years.
  • For any member to receive a loan, all members of your group must approve the loan. The group makes all loan decisions.
  • For a member to receive any new loans, all members of the group must be up to date on their payments at the time you apply for a new loan.
  • To move to a higher loan step, you must have repaid your previous loan.


CFRC Capital Partners™ Program Decision Makers

CFRC Capital Partners™ Program does not decide who can receive a loan, nor do we require a credit check, business plan or collateral.  Instead the Business Loan Group is entrusted to:

  • Make all loan decisions after carefully reviewing each member’s business loan application.
  • Take on the responsibility of supporting each member and encouraging timely and complete payments.
  • Group members are not legally responsible for each other’s loan. Each borrower is legally responsible for his or her own loan.
  • However, for any member to get to the next loan level, all members must be current on their loan payments.

How to Get Started:

  • Attend a CFRC Capital Partners™ Orientation. Click here to sign-up for the next Orientation session.
  • Register and complete the CFRC Capital Partners™ six hour business training (a $75.00 fee is required at the time of registration). Click here to register for the Level One Training. ( Must have attended an orientation session within the last six months to be eligible to register for Level One Training. )
  • Join a Business Loan Group.

CFRC holds regular information sessions, orientation, and training sessions. A complete list of upcoming CFRC Capital Partners™ events can be found on our Upcoming Events page.

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