Launched in 2011, the Healthy Food Cart & Street Vendor Initiative aims to support the growing number of informal entrepreneurs in the city of Los Angeles by helping them become part of the mainstream local economy. Want to support and voice your opinion? Please come to our South LA Town Hall meeting here.


What do we do?

CFRC provides customized business assistance and micro-loans to street vendors and other informal entrepreneurs through its Capital Partners™ program. This work is done in partnership with a variety of community based organizations in an effort to incorporate these entrepreneurs into the mainstream economy, while supporting traditional small businesses and healthy neighborhoods.

The initiative also provides special support to entrepreneurs who are interested in selling healthy food in the city’s neighborhoods that are “food deserts.” CFRC believes that street vendors can play a role in not only taking care of their own families, but also contributing to the healthy lives of their customers.


Who do I contact?

For more information, contact Rudy Espinoza at 323.846.1483.


Check out Rudy, recently interviewed for the South LA Democratic Spaces exhibit…



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